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With our state of the art manufacturing facility, AVI-LIFE is a developer and manufacturer of Biofertilizers. This product line was developed to address the global demand of increasing crop land yield .Up until recently, this demand has led to the overuse of chemical fertilizers. This practice has had a significant impact on the environment causing soil runoff and erosion, contamination of water bodies, overabundance of nutrients in water negatively impacting aquatic life, development of abnormal algal blooms creating “dead zones” on water, root burn of crops, diminished plant health, and abnormal growth of insect populations like aphids which feed on lush leaves. In addition, chemical fertilizers like urea tends to kill off essential soil bacteria and fungi that create organic nutrients essential for plants.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involves the use of bacteria, fungus and algae as chief components of Biofertilizers. The use of these microorganisms aid in addressing the Nitrogen and Phosphorus demands required for healthy crop growth. The final product could be applied directly to the soil, or can be used to treat crop seeds before planting. 


The use of Organic Biofertilizers will reduce dependence on inorganic chemical-based fertilizers, provide better eco-friendly soil management alternatives, enhance soil fertility, plant tolerance and crop productivity while ensuring safety to the consumer in terms of a product that is more natural and to the environment, by not affecting water bodies or the soil.  

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a driving force in the disruption of manufacturing, transportation and availability of raw materials. For the foreseeable future, this trend will have a cascading effect on food productivity and crop yields. With low supply of chemicals needed for the production of chemical fertilizers, the agri-produce industry will face a case of spiking demand, with limited means to provide a supply. Bio-organic fertilizers will offer world governments a safe and sustainable alternative, demonstrating higher benefits in terms of increased yields and the elimination of long term environmental damage.

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Concenterated Biofertilizer can be applied directly to  the soil. 


AVIGRO+ Liquid

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50 G

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 Liquid Organic Biofertilizer can be applied directly to seed (seed treatment), root (root dipping), and soil.