Sanitation Products

Sanitization products have been used for a very long time in various industries with the aim of decreasing the bacterial presence on a surface . The process does not eliminate the bacteria completely, but reduces their presence to a safe level. Sanitization products can also be used topically on human and animal skin to reduce the chances of infection. 

Manufacturing Process

Sanitization products are mostly composed of an active ingredient and a medium of delivery. The active ingredient must possess the ability to kill microorganisms. Over the years the active ingredient of choice has been alcohol based, but may be replaced with by other chemicals such Benzethonium Chloride, depending on the surface or tissue it is being applied to or the institution where it is being used. For example, a prison might prefer to use a non-alcohol based product , to avoid product abuse by the inmates. The medium is usually either water or glycerin(glycerol), to deliver the active ingredient to the site of interest and to allow for easier dispersion and in some cases absorption of the product. Some sanitization product employ other additives such as chlorhexidine or hydrogen peroxide to enhance the bactericidal activity of the product. 

Avi-life GP is in the development stages of a new line of hard surface, animal body and hand sanitizers. Only the highest quality raw materials are being considered for the manufacturing process, with emphasis on ingredients that are safe to human and animal tissue, and will not cause deterioration of hard surfaces. 


While sanitizers are highly effective in reducing the bacterial burden, they do not replace thorough cleaning with warm water or the use of disinfectants or sterilization. With that being said, in the absence of proper means of cleaning, disinfecting or sterilization, sanitizers are a less expensive and highly effective alternative. ​

Over the year, the global pandemic has forced populations to seek a temporary , effective and safe means of protection, against surface to skin and skin to skin cross-contamination. The use of hand sanitizers have proven effective in responding to the demand. With the fear of a second and possibly 

third wave of infection, the demand for hand sanitizers will definitely increase within the months and years to come. Avi-Life GP, has the ability to fill the market supply void through its product line, which is developed through sound scientific.


AVISAN+ 500ml


AVISAN+ 1000ml